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Die US Wahlnacht mit den 11ten Klassen der Oberstufe war eine runde und erfolgreiche Sache. Wir sind sehr froh, dass wir diese Veranstaltung in den RĂ€umen des Jugendverbandes NeumĂŒnster (JVN) in der Boostedter Straße durchfĂŒhren konnten, der uns, ebenso wie der Elternfonds der Schule, auch finanziell unterstĂŒtzt haben fĂŒr die Realisierung dieser Nacht.

Über folgenden Link ist der Artikel aus dem Holsteiner Courier ĂŒber unsere US Wahhlnacht abzurufen:

Lassen wir nun Susi Lopez zu Wort kommen, die die Veranstaltung aus ihrer Sicht schildert und fĂŒr die diese PrĂ€seidentschaftswahl etwas ganz besonderes und wichtiges war:

© RĂŒscher/ Holsteinischer Courier
Hier wird gerade klassisch amerikanisch gegessen.

„On November 6th three of the 11th grade classes came together with their English teachers, Mr. Roßmann, Mr. Meyer, Mr. Lehman and an me, English Teaching Assistant, Susi Lopez, to view the results for the US Presidential Election. This event not only challenge the students language abilities but cultural fluency. It forced them to walk in the shoes of Americans and to see the world from an American perspective.

Over the course of the night students saw how torn and diverse the US really is. The night was filled with questions regarding American politics, culture, and values.

© RĂŒscher/ Holsteinischer Courier
Die SchĂŒler wĂ€hrend der Doku zum Wahlsystem.

The night started at 7pm and went on until 3:30am the next day. The evening was kicked off with an „American“ style dinner of Hot Dogs, Nachos and Coca-Cola which afforded us the opportunity to really get the night started on the right foot. Fortunately over the night we were able to keep the students interested with small anecdotes and facts about the US. As an American though it was very difficult to explain some of the results in a way that would really touch home for my German students. In addition to havind dinner and discussing the culture we created or own Mock-Election where the students were able to vote on important issues reagarding the Election and voting for President. We showed them a documentary that explained the process a candidate has to go through to be President in additon to a political film „Wag the Dog“.

As an American I realized how important it really is to expose students to different cultures and points of view. I believe that on this night my students realized how emotional voting for president can really be. My feelings and my attitude were definitely out there for all to see. Thankfully for me the night turned out not to be disappointing. Through out the night I noticed that the language challenge may have been too much for many of our students but fortunately we were able to meet up on Wednesday to have breakfast and discuss the final outcome of the Election in addition to any results they may not have understood.

I want to thank all of my students for maintaining a positive attitude and for really giving themselves the chance to understand a bit more about my culture. I would also like to thank Mr. Rossmann, Mr. Meyer and Mr. Lehmann for planning and making this event a reality.“

Susi Lopez

Susi Lopez vor der Ballot Box, um die sich in den USA in dieser Nacht alles drehte. ©Rm













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